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Taming and training

Horseback riding in our school does not require any condition: a unique experience tailored to you

Everything you need to enjoy each horse riding school and to give everyone the opportunity to approach the world of horses. Hobby and competitions are therefore also guaranteed; even the smallest children will find a welcoming and safe place to become familiar with horses, through pony games and organization of targeted events

To each one his course: horse riding for everyone!

Not far from the city, near the sea in the beautiful Tower Guaceto Oasis, surrounded by olive groves of Serranova, the riding centre AltoSalento is located. The Riding School is located in a geographic location easy to reach, modern and tourist, surrounded by the frame of the natural reserve of Torre Guaceto. Close to the oasis, adjacent to the Valle d’Itria, enclosed by the Salento coasts and Bari there is a riding school in constant evolution.

Competitive Preparation

For those who interpret equitation as a sport there is the possibility to follow intensive courses based on the type of discipline. Currently the competitive group of the riding school includes English riding, American riding and dressage athletes, followed by FISE qualified instructors.

Show jumping

Min age 5 years


Min age 5 years


For those who just want to organize group hacks, there is the possibility to visit the surrounding landscape, the Serranova countryside among caves, olive groves, sea and the protected oasis. Even novices have the opportunity to go on a single walk or in a group with friends.


Min age 8 years


Min age 10 years

Pony Games

The presence of instructors as well as animators pony gives little children the opportunity to enter the world of riding. FISE instructors organize various entertainment activities dedicated to children of all ages. We offer one of the safest horse riding experiences in the country.

Single lesson

Min age 5 years


Min age 5 years


For those not interested in any type of course but just want to find an accommodation to their horse, we give the opportunity of the board and livery services for horses of all kinds.

Horse boarding


The centre promotes the inclusion of disabled children in the equestrian world with qualified staff and instructors approved by ANIRE through friendly horse education courses.

Single lesson


Parties and events

Summer camps and sporting events organized directly inside the structure to ensure moments of sport combined with healthy fun. Birthday parties are also organized.

Summer camp

Birthday party

Our Team

The instructors of our equestrian center will be happy to welcome you and prepare you even for a hack, to host your children and make them happy by taking them on horseback, to accept the challenge of preparing technically for professional competitions.
Iolanda Semeraro

Iolanda Semeraro

Show Jumping Instructor

Guido Semeraro

Guido Semeraro

Reining Instructor

What our customers say

The Altosalento is our family, a pleasant and welcoming place, our home.
Michela & Caterina
The Altosalento is our family, a pleasant and welcoming place, our home.
Michele & Uderbo
The Altosalento is our family, a pleasant and welcoming place, our home.
Chiara & Twilight
The Altosalento is our family, a pleasant and welcoming place, our home.
Vincenzo & Faina

CEAS, your horse riding school

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